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sam supplier

Sam Supplier; renowned DJ, Producer, Remixer, Label Owner and Radio Host is one of the busiest DJ’s in House Music, with reaching over 200 bookings in the previous 12 months its safe to say that he is in seriously high demand. Travelling internationally on a regular basis in order to DJ in countries such as Canada, Bali, The Netherlands, Cyprus, Oman, Sweden, Greece, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, Switzerland, LA, The Canary Islands & many more. This year will also see him playing for the third year in a row at the legendary Ibiza Rocks. His sets are renowned for being energy driven and upfront with the freshest tunes and his unique Sam Supplier energetic style, setting him apart from other DJ’s. Sam has so much energy he actually puts on a performance, which stands him way out from all other Dj/Artists currently, ensuring repeat bookings time and time again.