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Horsepower Productions


Horsepower’s secret is in the fine print. You have to really dig into their tunes to reap the full benefits. They don’t just make tracks, they weave exotic tapestries of sound using layers and layers of samples that transport you around the globe..” Holly Dicker, 2016 – Resident Advisor. With quotes like this it’s no wonder why Horsepower Productions are widely credited as being one of the original legendary outfits to pioneer the dubstep sound. With seminal releases on Tempa Recordings, Big Dada, On-U Sound, Berceuse Heroique it’s impossible to deny the impact Horsepower have had on the UK’s musical fabric. Their upfront vinyl focused sets are a goldmine for keen diggers. Expect to hear rare dancehall dubs and cuts alongside shuffling broken-beat speaker busters.