Hatcha - Eastern Electrics



The story of DJ Hatcha’s involvement with the developments of dubstep as one of the UK’s biggest exports is a coveted one. It isn’t often that one producer and DJ can be heralded for the creation of such a pivotal subsection of bass music. However, it was Hatcha’s roots within the genre which has made his name such a groundbreaking force, not just within the European dance music circuit, but also across the Atlantic. Not many figures have had as much of an impact, but even today you can see the stamp which Hatcha has on Dubstep, from its infancy into its more contemporary landscape. Poignant moments of the last five years include Hatcha’s flagship Kiss FM show, his inclusion in the UK charting ‘100% Pure Dubstep’ compilation and the launch of his very own Hatched imprint. Like the original Big Apple Records, the label has aimed to bring through many of the thriving, young producers who influence his sets. He’s continuing to carve out dubstep’s history, helping to hone their talent and providing a pedestal for their releases. Remaining as a tastemaker to this day, thanks to artists like DJ Hatcha, dubstep remains an important part of dance music’s success.