Crazy D - Eastern Electrics

Crazy D


From humble grime infested roots in South East London, and of Jamaican descent, the influence of Crazy D’s heritage has always been evident. He has a rootical love of Reggae & Dancehall, and in terms of UK dance music, moved through the genres of Hardcore and Jungle to his early career moves in UK Garage. As UKG’s demise split the genre into factions such as Grime, funky house and of course DUBSTEP, Crazy D’s taste in music placed him firmly in the frame as one of Dubstep’s original South East London pioneers. He has been pivotal in wholeheartedly driving this sound alongside his long-standing compadre, Hatcha, and all originators of the Dubstep genre, working sparsely attended nights in the early days of 2001, to the fruition of the genre that we witness today.