Skream - Eastern Electrics




As one of the UK’s best-loved selectors Skream has enjoyed the kind of consistency most DJs and producers can only dream of. His passion for collecting and playing music is unrelenting; disco, house, techno and everything in between: DJing since he was 11, making music at 15 and one of the key innovators at the birth of dubstep.

With his place in UK music history already assured, he could have easily kicked back and taken advantage of his legendary status. Instead he opted to make the transition to disco, house and techno, leaving the dubstep world to do his own thing.

For the last few years Skream has been showcasing the depth of his musical knowledge at his ‘Open To Close’ parties, playing all night long at venues around the world. To achieve that kind of trust from the dance floor is rare, and to maintain it is even more extraordinary, but Skream is no ordinary artist and his commitment to music, and his fans, is unparalleled.