Jamie Roy - Eastern Electrics

Jamie Roy


Jamie first discovered house music at the age 14 after his brother played him records from both Green Velvet & DJ Sneak. Green Velvets heavy use of eclectic vocals along with DJ Sneaks badass groove were enough to get him hooked. The years that followed allowed Jamie to gain enough exposure to both channel & nurture his drive into furthering what would ultimately be his chosen career path. One of the real standout experiences that saw Jamie decide on his choice to further this path as a DJ was Daft Punks Alive tour at Rockiness… “My passion for music definitely comes from experiencing nights with friends and and seeing how we still talk about certain events to this day, that moment was one of them.”

Now an Ibiza regular over the summer, during the winter Jamie smashes out club sets up and down the country and works on his productions, bringing out bangers such as his early 2019 release ‘Savanna Hale’.