Privacy Policy - Eastern Electrics

Privacy Policy

Here’s everything you need to know. Take a few minutes to soak it in and ensure to get the most out of your weekend at Eastern Electrics. Here are six crucial things to remember:

  1. Respect the local area. We love Morden Park- it’s been our home for three years now- and we’d like to keep it that way for many years to come. In order to make this happen we ask all our attendees to treat Morden and the people who live here with as much respect as you’d extend to your closest friends and family.
  2. Use the toilets provided in and around the festival site. We really cannot stress this enough.
  3. Pick up your litter and make sure you use the bins provided. It takes less than two seconds and makes a huge difference.
  4. There is no parking anywhere near the festival site. Morden Park is very easily accessible by public transport, so save yourself some time and leave the car at home.
  5. Don’t buy anything from unofficial sellers on the way on to the site. Unfortunately ticket touts do operate in London, and more than likely will be out to rip you off. Don’t get caught out- buy early and buy online via one of our official ticket vendors.
  6. Eastern Electrics operates a zero tolerance policy on illegal drugs and intoxicants, and this extends to legal highs and nitrous oxide. We will be policing this and will be dealing with anyone found in possession of anything illicit via the appropriate legal channels.

With all that said and done, let’s get on to the nitty gritty: