Respect the Community - Eastern Electrics

Respect the Community

Respect the Community

DON’T urinate on the street or on private property, use the toilets provided

DON’T throw your litter on the street or into private property, use the bins provided

DON’T be a D*ck on the way to and from the event, be respectful of our neighbours and keep to noise down

DON’T buy laughing gas, or encourage these people to be a nuisance to the local residents

You could be fined £150 on the spot for any of the activities listed here!

Carrying out any of our ‘DON’Ts’ puts the future of Eastern Electrics festival at risk!

All the above is classed as Anti-Social Behaviour. To keep Eastern Electrics at Morden Park, we all need to do our part to combat these issues.