Initiatives - Eastern Electrics

Respect the Local Community


Be mindful of your behaviour and attitude and how you treat yourself during the festival. Think twice before intoxicating yourself or wearing yourself thin over the weekend. Good sleep, good health and a clear mind will raise your vibe high and leave you feeling much better at the end. Do you best to be responsible for yourself.

Respect the local community.

As an inner city event, we are surrounded by the local residences.  Each year we have to close sections of the park for a period of time for the build of the site, while the event is on and at the end when we dismantle the whole thing. They allow for us to play music for the duration of the weekend, which is at the sacrifice of their peace.  The least we can do, is to be respectful and considerate of them in terms of littering, urination and noise when you leave the festival site. Please use the bins and toilets which are situated around the perimeter of the festival instead of someone’s garden.

Respect each other.

This is essential for the festival to feel like a community to continue the good work our team has been working towards for the last 7 years.

We have a zero tolerance approach to any acts of violence, bullying or other abusive behaviours, including sexual harassment. Show love to strangers and friends alike and treat others as you would wish to be treated.

Respect the Earth.

Eastern Electrics strives to minimise our impact in various ways.  You can do your bit by sharing lifts with friend to the event, using the correct bins on site for recycling and land fill waste. Take your rubbish home, or dispose of it properly, keep this in mind when planning your festival weekend.