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We’ve been receiving many messages about this year’s EE plans. Where will it be? When are tickets on sale? Who’s on the line up? and so on.

It’s great that there is so much love for the Party, but we never want to put on a festival unless all the elements are in place to provide an amazing experience. Eastern Electrics prides itself on showcasing the best electronic music artists in unrivalled settings with great sound, stages and lighting to create that unique EE atmosphere.

If we don’t have all of these things in place, then we won’t compromise, we will only deliver the best events for our audience. This year we are going to take a break and focus all our efforts on EE 2021. EE have been putting on parties since 2008, so it allows us and all the crew to have a well deserved year off, recharge the batteries and come back next year with something that changes the game.

We are already planning EE 2021 and have some very exciting plans in place. Further details will be released at the end of this summer, so watch this space.

Thank you all for your understanding and support going forward. The people are what make EE and you’re the driving force behind why we do what we do – we’re always striving to provide the best experience possible for the EE community.

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